Challenges to Software Development in Small Firms

The Interviews

All of the empirical work will be based on qualitative interviews, these will be grouped in two main categories:

Since I've allready got an agreement with Mikro Værkstedet, I am primarily looking for Danish software organizations which has experience with the use of an agile methodology. And hopefully some common trends will emerge when comparing the different interviews.

From each group B organization, I would like to interview two employees from 'complementing' positions within the organization. Each interview would take approximately 45-60 min. and will be recorded for later transscription. These transscripts will be sent to the involved persons for approval before being used as material for my thesis.

The key question I'm seeking an answer to in category B, is;
"How does agile processes fit within your organization?"
This includes questions concerning the transition phase, the impact on organizational structure and culture, improvements/setbacks etc.

Should You have an interest and want to contribute to my thesis, dont hesitate contacting me at nimrod(AT), (more contact information here).