Challenges to Software Development in Small Firms

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As stated in the introduction section the purpose of this master thesis is to examine how instability is handled in software projects.

The official thesis kick-off date is the 15. th march 2006, end date is set to 12 months later. My project supervisor is Bent Brun Kristiansen from The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense.

The purpose of this site section is to keep an updated track of the thesis' progress. Which means an abstraction over the considerations and material which later on will be included in the final report. The primary thesis questions are:

Due to the aspects involved in this thesis several types of work lies at hand, first a lot of reading, and the some empirical work.

This will follow two different paths, the primary will be a case study in cooperation with Mikro Værkstedet of one of their software development projects. The case goal is to analyze and evaluate on the influential global factors and the process used by the development team. Secondly I'll be conducting several interviews with other companies who have made the transition to agile processes, more on this in the 'Interviews' section.

The final report therefore will include both theoretical and experimental parts and a discussion on how the considered problems are handled in a danish organizational context.